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VB House - Demolizioni

Works started for the VB House

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Work began on the construction of the VB House. In less than a week the existing house was demolished to clear the area for the construction of the new villa.

The new house, which will see the light next year, will be characterized by the symbiosis between tradition and technology. The use of stone on the façade with iron parapets will be flanked by the second soul of the house, a technological soul, consisting of a cladding in aluminum panels and metal sunshades that hide an internal patio.

Even the classic eaves projection that we find in all traditional buildings has been revisited, always using aluminum panels that extend into a large cantilevered roof to protect the interior spaces where the exposure faces south.

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VB House - Demolizioni
VB House - Demolizioni
BIMportale - intervista Mattia Cattaneo

Mattia Cattaneo interviewed on BIMportale

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Mattia Cattaneo, team member of ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI, was interviewed by BIMportale about his professional experience related to BIM and the advantages that this methodology can bring to the construction process.

“Rapid development and complete control over every single design and detail element. Working in BIM made me understand how powerful this tool can be for us architects, as it allows us to have total control over the project that would hardly be obtained with other software. Possible errors, both planning and coordination, are immediately evident, allowing a drastic reduction of the overall process, greater control over all the details and a considerable saving of time, which turns into an economic saving for the client.”

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MEDIRAMA – New sign

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The new sign has been mounted on the facade of the MEDIRAMA Dental Clinic in Lurago d’Erba.

The new sign with 3D lettering and customized LED lighting was produced and assembled in collaboration with Frederic Mazzei of Hubmira.

The Medirama logo has been recreated using the original 70s font, they study the most appropriate RAL color for the background.


VB House – model study

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VB House is a compact and bright villa, offering many points of view, with the ability to open without revealing itself.

Composed of a solid block of stone that covers and protects the most intimate and private areas of the house. This solid stone block instead opens into the living areas of the house and is divided into new volumes to create spaces related to the outside by attracting the light inside. These volumes that break the solidity of the stone block are treated differently, covered in bronze-colored metal, with sunscreen panels that can be opened or closed as needed.

In the villa all the spaces are visually interconnected in a spatial and visual continuum. The inclusion of the patio on the first floor with direct visual connection to the living room below is fundamental. This creates a space with visual cones that go beyond the simple view of the walls that make up the room but amplify the view by projecting it beyond.

Located in the province of Monza and Brianza, on an area of ​​just over 900 square meters. In a context characterized by greenery and small buildings, most villas and semi-detached houses.


Expansion of Emmaus center in Erba

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The study for the possible expansion of the new headquarters of the Trapeiros Di Emmaus voluntary association has begun.

It is a new volume detached from the existing one, connected by a covered passage, with a simple and recognizable shape.

Designed with materials aimed at constructive simplicity and environmental sustainability: a completely metal structure covered with polycarbonate panels.

And it is thanks to this cladding that the character of the new building is formed. During the day it gives the volume a translucent effect, which reflects the mountains and the surrounding greenery, while in the evening it becomes transparent thanks to the internal lighting, transforming the volume into a lantern that illuminates the entire space.


New project – villa Adige

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An articulated villa extended over the entire lot, totally closed and hermetic to the view from the outside, which magically opens once you enter it.

In the villa all spaces are visually interconnected in a spatial continuum according to an alternation of spaces and situations that are different from each other. The use of perforated sheet metal as a permeable filter to the eye, air and light helps to create an atmosphere of half-light and privacy in a building facing south and characterized by large windows.

The use of clear and bright materials. Travertine and light sheet metal on the outside, wood and white surfaces on the inside create warm and bright spaces.

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Via Grandi Cantù

Redevelopment of the via Grandi area

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Alternative study for the redevelopment of the area of via Grandi in Cantù which will be discussed shortly with the Municipality. In addition to the building (residential and offices), the project includes a large public area with a pedestrian square and a large, completely permeable green area without private fenced areas.


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Landscape permits obtained for the construction of an elevator on Lake of Como

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The construction in areas of great landscape importance is never easy, especially if it is an area on the shores of Lake Como in a little man-made zone.

The project represents a challenge for the studio, to be able to dialogue with the surrounding environment in a harmonious way without disturbing, inserting itself in a polite way and at the same time with its own distinctive character.

The choice of materials, studied in depth to be able to fit into the surrounding natural context. Materials that do not present major problems of deterioration over the years, in order to preserve the architecture in the best possible way for the longest possible time.

All this to make accessible two houses that are currently difficult to reach from the road.

The authorization process was evidently very complex and debated, the Superintendence of Landscape Heritage at first expressed its negative opinion on the construction of any type of lift in that area. After a complex dialogue between the parties, it was possible to find the right way to intervene that satisfied everyone: Superintendency, Customer and Designer.

Now that the permits have been obtained, we are preparing for the start of the construction site.

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ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI – New brand identity

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In 2018, the ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI studio renewed its image, redesigning its logo and creating a new modern and “user friendly” web page constantly updated.

From now on you can also follow our work on the main social networks:


Conversion proposal of the Via Grandi area

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The proposal for the conversion and development of a large unused area located in via Grandi was presented to the Municipality of Cantù.

A new residential tower that fits over an office base, designed to offer maximum energy efficiency. Designed with a “skin” that offers an effective and at the same time simple shading system.

Has been developed also the study of a new urban square that defines and reorganizes a part of the city where there is currently no design of the public space.

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