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The construction in areas of great landscape importance is never easy, especially if it is an area on the shores of Lake Como in a little man-made zone.

The project represents a challenge for the studio, to be able to dialogue with the surrounding environment in a harmonious way without disturbing, inserting itself in a polite way and at the same time with its own distinctive character.

The choice of materials, studied in depth to be able to fit into the surrounding natural context. Materials that do not present major problems of deterioration over the years, in order to preserve the architecture in the best possible way for the longest possible time.

All this to make accessible two houses that are currently difficult to reach from the road.

The authorization process was evidently very complex and debated, the Superintendence of Landscape Heritage at first expressed its negative opinion on the construction of any type of lift in that area. After a complex dialogue between the parties, it was possible to find the right way to intervene that satisfied everyone: Superintendency, Customer and Designer.

Now that the permits have been obtained, we are preparing for the start of the construction site.

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