Monastero di Lambrugo I - ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI

Lambrugo Monastery

lot II

First phase of the project of recovery and enhancement of the ancient Monastery. Former cloistered convent of the ‘Benedictine’ order dating back to the 16th century. The intervention lot I, located in the east wing of the monastery, has been entirely recovered following the major deterioration in which it lay. Important, as well as necessary, structural interventions have been made in order to guarantee the stability of the entire portion. The intervention also saw the complete elimination of encrustations that occurred in past eras, not recognizing any value in the latter (false ceilings and partitions that did not allow the perception of the uniqueness of the space), bringing to light the original envelope below. All the finishes were performed respecting the construction canons of the time and using compatible materials.


Lambrugo Monastery


Residential, restoration


Lambrugo. Italy


2003 – 2004


300 m²


Private client

Building site photos