villa redevelopment and new lift accessibility

An accessibility project integrated into the landscape, on the shores of Lake Como.

A rationalist-style villa at the foot of the lake that needs to be recovered and enhanced, however, presents a major problem of accessibility: the entrance to the property is 28m higher. The only way to access it is by going down a long and narrow staircase that wriggles among the sloping rocks.

The need to find an easier and safer solution to access the villa becomes the most important element of the project due to the intrinsic landscape importance of the place.

After studying various alternatives, the least impactful solution for the landscape turned out to be a vertical lift. The design idea wanted an element that integrates with the surrounding elements, an element that simulates the “slenderness” and momentum of the trees, an element that integrates with the lake front and its colors.

For this reason, the shape and volume of this element have been studied in depth, as well as the detail of the covering to give it a slender and at the same time “varied” effect to recall the slender trunks of the trees. The cladding materials have been studied to better integrate with the context and with the colors that the surrounding landscape takes on in the different seasons.




Residential, accessibility


Nesso. Lake of Como. Italy




90 m² villa – 28m elevator height


Private client