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VB House is a compact and bright villa, offering many points of view, with the ability to open without revealing itself.

Composed of a solid block of stone that covers and protects the most intimate and private areas of the house. This solid stone block instead opens into the living areas of the house and is divided into new volumes to create spaces related to the outside by attracting the light inside. These volumes that break the solidity of the stone block are treated differently, covered in bronze-colored metal, with sunscreen panels that can be opened or closed as needed.

In the villa all the spaces are visually interconnected in a spatial and visual continuum. The inclusion of the patio on the first floor with direct visual connection to the living room below is fundamental. This creates a space with visual cones that go beyond the simple view of the walls that make up the room but amplify the view by projecting it beyond.

Located in the province of Monza and Brianza, on an area of ​​just over 900 square meters. In a context characterized by greenery and small buildings, most villas and semi-detached houses.